Auto Glass Services

Your windshield does more than keep the rain and bugs out, it also plays an important role in the safety of your vehicle

Flying rocks or other small objects on the road can nick the glass of your windshield, leaving behind unsightly damage. This damage can come from small objects tossed into the air by the car in front of you or from debris that falls from the back of a truck. Regardless of the reason, the damage needs to be taken care of to prevent further problems.

You may think that a rock chip is no big deal. Sometimes this damage is small, but if you don’t address it, it can get worse, hurting your ability to see. In addition, water can get into the damaged area, spreading a crack across your windshield.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution. Our technicians have rock chip repair services that can remove that chip from your windshield before the damage gets worse. If you act quickly, you can have visibility again without the risk of a bad crack forming.

No-Cost Option: We Bill Your Insurance

Rock chip repair is usually a service covered by insurance. If you’re worried about the cost, reach out to our team to learn how much it will cost. For many customers, there is no cost at all because the service is fully covered by insurance. If you don’t have insurance coverage, we have a low-cost cash option. This is an important service that you shouldn’t delay because the damage will get worse and cost more if you do.

Don’t Delay and Put Your Car at Risk

If you’ve noticed a nick from a rock, you shouldn’t wait to get it fixed. Waiting puts you at serious risk because the nick is only going to get bigger. A solution is easy with a visit to our repair shop. Stop in now to get your rock chip repaired before the problem gets worse.